Thursday, November 11, 2004

ALLY AND ABBY have taken the initiative to organise jaclap outing :D
hahaha that sounded so weird
okay anyway
since me ally pam and clovie and make it so far
( ally is still contacting julia and lynette )
we'll tell you all the details soon :)

/ abby


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Sunday, October 10, 2004

HELLO DEARS ! i haven't been here in ages ): and i really really miss you all. but no one comes here alr ! bleaghs. so no one will see my post. haha, yay ! eoys are over. yet another year ! soon it's gonna be haha, two years since our clique year. but anw, i thank god for all of you. really, i do. you've all been so precious to me ! precious then, precious now, and precious wherever i go, whenever that may be. we've really drifted, that's for sure. but haha, time time time, what to do ? but we all have memories, yea ? well, my life has been pretty screwed, and this memory, is unscrewed, so i will cling onto it :D for my dear life. i'm always here for all of you ! so don't hesitate to just ring up if you need anything. jaclap outing ok ? a movie, anything ! i love y'all :D -hugs tight

(( ALLY )) - missing you guys ):

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

okay i decided to blog
cos julia's right
the blog IS dead
hurr. okay
julia and i are gonna
organize jaclap outing
during the hols
for real this time okay :)
cos we're gonna make sure everyone will come
right ?
yeah. oh well
study hard :)
i love all of you :)

/ abby


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Tuesday, August 03, 2004


all the little pigs dont update : let me count them ; ALYSSA CLO LYNN ABBY PAM ! haha. im not a pig, cause i updated ! :D haha. LETS PLANT TREES ! -grinns at ALYSSAWONGSUYEN, unroyal romeo cousin :D the fire in jaclap is dying, so we neeed more oxygen. plants produces oxygen, so its like LETS PLANT TREES ! (: i guess thats enough of science lesson aye ? we're already sick of mr lui : BLEAH i miss six justice when we're all together. but i treasure my clique now, but i still miss you all :D ohwell, signing off !


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Thursday, May 27, 2004

i believe i can fly

okay. lets have a jaclap outing :D okay. can we all make it next thursday ? |: mmmmmms. lets watch a movie and shop :D how abt confessions of a teenage drama queen ? we go cine and then decide la (: ohwell. do response okay :)) im bored.

thursday, 030604 ;
time not yet decided.
at cine (:

for some replies ;

alyssa clovie lynette pamelala / hey ! try to make it for the outing okay ? I LOVE YOU HEAPS :) -megasqueeeze.

abby / aye. i dont think lynette can come. me too. ): had some kind of quarrel with my momma, i think shes rly mad at me. ): hur. ohwell. have fun la. if i can come ill definitely join JACLAP ! :D okay. I LOVE YOU TOO ((:

`julia ;

; jaclap lives / 10:57 PM

there's gotta be more to life
than chasing down every temporary high
to satisfy me

hey :) abby here.
the holidays are coming :D
we gotta organise a jaclap outing
during the holidays yes ?

pamela ;
darling !
i guess we're both sad |:
though i think you were sadder than me today ):
ohwell, thanks for the hug dear.
abby loves her pampam !

julia alyssa clovie lynette ;
organise jaclap outing !
i love you ALL :)


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Friday, May 14, 2004

ALLY'S HERE ! -beams. oh gosh, this site is beautiful ! thanks to julia ey ? sighs ): i really miss everyone. i wanna return to 2003. pfffffffft. ally's unhappy la. i really really hate my class. i miss 6 justice. i miss jaclap. -sniffs. OHWELLS. have to move on move on be strong be strong ! cos thats what jaclap's made of aye ? i want you all to know i really really really love you guys ! i know its all yada yada talk. but i mean it. we must all be strong and like, never give up okay ? PROMISE ME, you'll all be happy. smile smile smile. no frown frown frown. no cry cry cry. i know you guys are made of THE stuff X) God dont make no junk yes ? and we're the better part of the non-junk ! -beams. i love you all. -hugsreallytight.

cos we roll like the sound of thunder
when it's only you and me
and can't nobody take us under
cos the rest is history

\ ally


; jaclap lives / 11:38 PM

mmmms, redid the layout, hope its okay now ? :D okay, got to help abby do her layout ! :D i love jaclap, stay there forever ! :)) -hug.

; jaclap lives / 8:34 PM

Friday, May 07, 2004

BOO ! ((:
its julia here !
i'm gna change the layout ?
i love you jaclap ! (((:

___ julia`

; jaclap lives / 9:02 PM

its abby here again.
i've deleted lotsa entries i once posted here
edited the template a little
updated the links
im feeling horrible now ):

julia ; hey. go read your gstbk okay ? im really sorry if i sounded rude but that was really how i felt. yupp. ohwells. cheerup yes ? hmm. i've been seeing you alot too. during higher chinese and all. yeahh. so we wont drift. but you really gotta talk to them okay ? i love you.

alyssa ; dottie. i've been seeing you alot lately (: thats good. ahaha. i still owe you your ankle guard |: but i need it. cos my ankle's swollen now ): sorry. i love you darling.

clovie ; bestie ! i've grown so close to you this year. i love you honey (:

lynette ; EXbestie ! (: darling. we enjoy learning lab cos we're together right ! haha. i dont like mrs chew |: i think she's biased. ohwells. heh. im quitting soon ! yay. but i'll still see you in school ! abby loves you sweets :)

pamela ; pampam ! i know im dao la. but its cos of your darling mijie. heh. she's quite cute la. and i do talk to her okay ! i dont dao her that much ! ahaha. band pracs dont rock ): ohwell. but we're together (: i cant play during combined either |: i think sectionals are better. oh yes. i was looking at the presents that you, char and mijie gave me on my birthday. i love the three of you so much ! its so sweet. esp the long long msg at the front of that lime green notebk. and the letter mijie wrote me. (: i love you cutie ((:

something for everyone ?
yeah. i miss all of you ALOT.
sigh. i'll see you all on monday yes ?
i love you ALL.
-hugs tight


; jaclap lives / 5:30 AM


jaclap forever ! :D

i've got it all
but i feel so deprived
i go up i come down
but im emptier inside
tell me what is this thing
that i feel like im missing
and why cant i let it go

theres gotta be more to life
than chasing down every
temporary high to satisfy me
cos the more that i
tripping out thinking there
must be more to life
well its life but im sure
theres gotta be more to life

ive got the time
and im wasting it slowly
here in this moment
im halfway out the door
onto the next thing im searching
for something thats missing

im always waiting on
something other than this
why am i feeling like
theres something ive missed